FAQ – Questions Answers

The rushes won’t send, what should I do?

Check that the WiFi is enabled on the iPad..

Go to Settings -> WiFi -> select the Wifi of your company and enter the password, if required.

The iPad won’t turn on

Make sure it is turned on by pressing the top button on the right side of the iPad for a few moments.

Check that it is charged by connecting it to a power outlet using the supplied charger.

The app does not open when I click on it

Ensure that the app downloaded properly.

Restart the iPad and try again.

I can not screw in an accessory

Make sure the plastic nut is properly unscrewed to slide the accessory into the slot in the case for this purpose.

I cannot connect to my company’s WiFi network

Check that the WiFi is enabled on the iPad.

Go to Settings → WiFi → select the Wifi of your company and enter the password, if required

If that doesn’t work, connect to your company’s WiFi and then go on the iPad’s browser (Safari). Make a totally random search, a page will open asking you for a username and password. Fill in the requested fields and you will be connected.

The microphone isn’t taking sound, or isn’t working

Make sure it is plugged into the extension cord that must always be connected to the iPad.

Check that the battery is inside the microphone.

The sound reproduction is not loud enough

Check that all switches on the microphone are in the position described in the RoadBook.

If the sound is still too low, you can put the middle switch on +10dB.

The image is too dark or overexposed

Develop the image as explained in the RoadBook.

Adjust the brightness of the LED lamp to have the perfect lighting. There are several levels of brightness, choose the one that you find most appropriate.

The LED light does not turn on

Check that the lamp’s battery is charged by plugging it into the charger or by pressing the “test” button on the lamp when the battery is connected.

Make sure the battery is activated.

If we couldn’t answer your question here, you can contact us and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.