Action at work

ComInTech Salon 2016

On 8-9 April 2016, the Out of Box team took part in ComInTech, as both silver innovation partners, spectators and service providers. Our team filmed the whole two days and offered to interview all the speakers there.

All up, Action allowed us to make 14 films in less than 2 weeks for MPI France Suisse, who organised the event.

Blédina Manifesto in Action

Blédina wanted to highlight the CSR programs initiated by employees. The shooting took us two days, two sites, two Action kits and eleven interviews. A project team was responsible for collecting stories. In less than a week, the film was delivered and ready to play for Blédina’s event.

La fabrique du territoire en Action

“We chose Action because it’s so easy to use: delivered equipment, training explained by a tutorial and a guide, the simplicity of the tablet and equipment provided. Everything about the tool was explained from A to Z. Both the tool and the concept are very accessible. Sending the images and having an assembled and personalised project is very reassuring.”
Axel REBECQ // Director of mutualised communication Chambery metropolis and the city of Chambéry

Crédit Agricole Montenegro en Action
by Ormès

The CWT Meetings & events – Ormès agency decided to buy an Action kit to film their customer events. As an economy of means, it allows you to be responsive and create a best-of film for your clients. Our first experience was a trip to Montenegro with teams from Crédit Agricole.

More references available upon request.